Ice Semi-Runner Bean Seeds


This was another surprise favourite bean in 2022. For years I had put off trying this bean as I had read it can toughen in outdoor conditions because it was historically developed for forcing under cover. I sure am glad I didn’t get hung up on that, because this was one excellent. It was wonderfully tender, very early to form beans and was a super producer. And I grew it more crowded than I should have really, but it worked out fine. The colour of the pods is striking, a very pale, almost silvery green. The taste and texture was superb. The only less than desirable quality is that when pods dry they have tiny white seeds which are less fun to shell than the jumbo beans. But aside from that, this is a near perfect green bean variety as far as I’m concerned. This is actually a very old European bean and has also been known as ‘Crystal White Wax’ (despite not being yellow). Italian horticulturalist Achille Bruni reported that this bean was being grown in Southern Italy long before 1845.


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