Bounty Hunter Semi-Runner Bean Seeds


This was a surprising find. In 2021 I grew out a bean variety called ‘Bountiful’. I originally received this bean with the understanding that it grows as a bush, is for fresh use and has a historical connection to Canada – in 1898 Abel Steele of Ferguson, Ontario won a $25.00 prize for his naming of this new variety for Peter Henderson & Company. However, my grow out produced a full row of semi runner beans instead. A second grow out produced the exact same results, so it appears a somewhat new variety was born. Wonderfully productive vines, loaded with green beans. I decided to name it ‘Bounty Hunter’ as a nod to it’s original name (as well as my usual purpose), and also to fond memories of my childhood when Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris were popular. Excellent heirloom bean, 2022 showed that it’s capable of truly great production.


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