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Mankind has worked wonders to bring us today’s heirloom beans. From deep blue seeds, bright pinks, hot yellows, deep purples & bright plum to the rare earthy greens and everything in between. Jewel toned dry bean seeds are a feast for the eyes. On the plate, fresh beans from the garden are one of the most delicious homegrown vegetables. To have a delicious fresh bean, it needs to be grown at home. Those fibrous, hard green bits from the grocery store just don’t do it. Fresh beans really do come in a range of shapes and textures, and they are not all version of the same. From the slim, dangling pencil pods, the fat, beefy romanos to the gourmet little filet beans it’s definitely worth the effort to experiment and find the type of bean you enjoy most. They are not all the same! Green, green splashed with purple, green splashed with red, yellow, yellow splashed with purple and pure purple, even the pods can be very different from one another.

Bean seed packets: 25-30 seeds, unless otherwise noted in the description. Any of the larger seeded bean varieties, along with favas and runner beans, will have less.

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