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  1. What makes heirloom seeds different from other seed types?
    • Heirloom seeds are varieties that have been passed down through generations, typically for at least 50 years. They are prized for their genetic purity, unique flavours, and adaptation to specific local conditions.
  2. Why are some heirloom seeds considered endangered?
    • Some heirloom seeds are considered endangered due to industrial agriculture’s focus on hybrid seeds, which can dominate the market, reducing the cultivation and thus the genetic diversity of heirloom varieties
  3. What are the best conditions for growing heirloom seeds?
    • The best conditions vary by plant species but generally include well-draining soil, adequate sunlight, and appropriate water levels. Heirloom seeds often thrive best when grown in conditions similar to their original environments.
  4. Can heirloom seeds be grown in any climate?
    • While heirloom seeds have adaptability, some varieties are best suited to specific climates. It’s important to choose seeds that are appropriate for your local growing conditions.
  5. How should I store heirloom seeds for best longevity?
    • Heirloom seeds should be stored in cool, dry conditions. Airtight containers in a refrigerator or a cool basement are ideal to maintain viability for several years.
  6. Are all seeds from Heritage Hobby Seed Ark organic?
    • Yes.
  7. What are the shipping options and costs for seed packets?
    • Heritage Hobby Seed Ark offers straightforward shipping rates across Canada. Each seed pack is priced at $4.00. Shipping costs are as follows:
      • 1 pack: $3.00
      • 2 to 10 packs: $4.00
      • 11 packs and up: $5.00 These rates ensure that gardeners across Canada can access our heirloom seeds affordably and efficiently, no matter the size of their order.
  8. How can I get involved in preserving heirloom varieties?
    • You can get involved by growing heirloom plants, saving and sharing seeds, and participating in seed exchange communities or local gardening groups focused on heirloom varieties.
  9. What are the most popular heirloom seeds and why?
  • Popular heirloom seeds often include varieties of tomatoes, peppers, and beans due to their superior flavour and unique characteristics compared to standard commercial varieties.
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