Turkey Pole Bean Seeds

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An outstanding pole bean, with extremely unique colouring – each seed is covered half in cream, and the other half in a peach salmon colour. I’ve not seen another like it. Originally from Turkey, this bean can produce A LOT of seed; 3 plants yielded 1.9 pounds of seed. An excellent choice for those wanting to supply their own stockroom of dried beans. Seeds are on the larger side too, very smooth and jelly bean shaped. Dries down easily on the vines; not sure of all its uses but likely a dry bean. Very rare. 2023 seed.  Gratefully received from the wonderful collection of Russ Crow, Woodstock, Illinois.


2 reviews for Turkey Pole Bean Seeds

  1. Russell Crow

    For what it’s worth. Since acquiring this bean I have only sent it out to two people. A grower in Sudbury, Ontario and Stanwood Iowa. The grower in Iowa has droped the use of the number in it’s name and so have I. For me the and person in Iowa, the bean is now known simply as Turkey. I have recently sold some of this bean at a seed swap under the name Turkey.

  2. Tamara Clement

    Thanks for the info Russ! I had no idea that this bean was in the hands of so few people!

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