Tarahumara Purple Star Pole Bean Seeds


Heirloom pole bean, likely from Mexico. For use as a dry bean. Lovely pink to beige coloured seed with dark grey speckles. Though they look like mini runner bean seeds, they are a true P. vulgaris. Beautiful, abundant producer of dry beans. Possibly an old landrace, though the various colours I’ve planted seem to have grown true to type. Rare; in fact, there are no online photos of it, though there appear to be several varieties with ‘Tarahumara’ in the name – none of them look like this bean. I can send a photo I’ve taken if you’d like to see it. Many of the beans in circulation of this type are quite day-length sensitive, and cannot be grown outside of very southern locations. However, this one is totally suitable for a Northern climate. I can only imagine some serious selection work went into it, thus it’s surprising there is so little information available in regards to its history and origins. A wonderful and rare heirloom bean variety.¬†¬†Gratefully received from the wonderful collection of Mandy Boticna, Tyndall, Manitoba.



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