Meuch Pole Bean Seeds


Another European bean of tremendous quality and production. The name ‘Meuch’ translates to ‘much’ and that’s a great way to put it. I believe it originates in the Netherlands given the name. Huge production of green beans speckled in purple, with a slightly curved pod. Dried seed is very round, light beige and speckled in black. I have not sampled this as a cooked bean so I can’t attest to its flavour, but several European websites say it makes a great cooked snap bean. So happy to have this bean, and like several of my other European sourced beans, they tend to produce outstandingly well for me. 3 plants broke my large, deeply sunken pole support with the weight of the beans, and it had to mature leaning against a lawn chair.  Gratefully received from the wonderful collection of Artur Kobylecki, Kielce, Poland.



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