Dead Man’s Tooth Bush Bean Seeds


An Italian heirloom bean with a fascinating history, this beans translated name is ‘Acerra Dente de Morto’. Diaries discovered in Acerra that date from 1736 to 1771 described these beans among the areas agricultural products. The Touring Club Italiano in 1931 published a guide to Italian gastronomy and described these beans as a specialty of the Acerra region. They were named dead man’s teeth because of their slightly opaque white color; the region where these beans were grown also contained many burial sites from the ancient early Christian Era and undoubtedly played a part in the naming of this bean. In Italy today these beans have a reputation as a wonderful cooking bean with tender, thin skins. An invaluable piece of heirloom seed history. 15 large seeds in a packet. Rare. 2023 seed.  Gratefully received from the wonderful collection of Russ Crow, Woodstock, Illinois.

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