Alubias di Tolosa Pole Bean Seeds


European heirloom pole bean from the Basque province of Gipuzkoa, Spain. The ancient city of Tolosa has one of the largest markets in Basque country, and has been operating since 1256 A.D. These beans are the most famous produce from the area. Beautifully glassy, round black beans are super shiny, and a few plants can produce a surprising amount of dry seed. Celebrated each November in the Babarrunaren Astea feast, which is even named for this celebrated staple bean. For use as a dry bean. Rare in Canada. 3 – 4 plants produced 14 oz of dried beans. Name translates to ‘Beans of Tolosa’.  Gratefully received from the wonderful collection of Russ Crow, Woodstock, Illinois.



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