Weinländerin La Vigneronne Pole Bean Seeds


A classic bean in Swiss gardening culture. The name translates to ‘Wine Country Beans’ and is cultivated in Switzerland as well as France. The ‘wine’ in the name refers to the look of the fresh beans – green with splashes of purple, as though wine had splashed on them. I didn’t expect when I planted these beans that they would be so wildly vigorous. Grown in a row of pole beans, these not only climbed their own pole but the neighbouring poles on either side – it was an incredible site to see, this wall of beans between the three poles and all from a mere 4 plants. This is a snap bean, and it is a round pod, with a slight curve at the end, fairly long pods. Outstanding producer, highest volume of green beans of all 90 varieties I grew in 2023. Superb variety, this one should really be more widely known. Late maturity. 2023 seed.  Gratefully received from the wonderful collection of Frances Thorn,  Denfield, Ontario.



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