Seda Kravicka Pole Bean Seeds


A European heirloom from the Czech Republic. The name means ‘Grey Cow’ and describes, to some degree, the colour of the seed which is actually more of a browny-grey and white, with a slight smattering of sprinkles. The vines are very productive, and I believe this is a dry bean though I’m not sure. I initially thought the person who named this bean had a hysterical sense of humour, because all my research turned up that ‘Seda’ is a woman’s name and the ‘Kravicka’ meant cow. The original seed donor eventually provided me with the correct translation. Matures at the very end of the season, not the front or even middle, but the thin walled pods dry down very easily. Awesome productivity.  Gratefully received from the wonderful collection of Russ Crow, Woodstock, Illinois.



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