Peruano Bush Bean Seeds


A Mexican variety of dry bean, that also goes by the names ‘Mayacoba’, ‘Azufrado’ or ‘Canary’ bean, the canary being a definite nod to the gentle yellow colouring of the beans. From a visual point of view part of the appeal for this bean, to me, is that it has no distinctly coloured hilum, the bean is simply pure yellow. In my experience, the eyes of yellow coloured beans tend to be ringed in grey, brown or black. I prefer the look of pure yellow without the dark eyes, so this bean stands out somewhat to me. Peruano actually means Peru in Spanish, though it isn’t from there. This bean, interestingly, was once the centre of tremendous controversy in the 90’s because it was claimed by patent, and was no longer allowed to be freely grown, or distributed. The patent was lifted in 2008, thank goodness, and all are free once more to grow and enjoy this bean. It’s presently the bean of choice in both Guadalajara and Jalisco for refried beans.  2022 seed.

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