Mooreskönigin Pole Bean Seeds


A European heirloom from Austria, translates to ‘Queen of the Moors’ and dates to 1950. The name is significant as there are renowned moors in Austria, some quite large – these ancient glacial lakes of Europe host an incredible diversity of both flora and fauna. Wild orchids, cotton grass, various mosses and heather abound as well as rare butterflies and dragonflies. This bean may, possibly, be named for Tanner Moor as it is the largest in the country with 120 hectares. It is a pretty striking bean because it looks exactly like a QR code, especially when it’s freshly dried, light cream with the small black stippled squares. Forget the Carpathians, this bean is downright spooky. And it is a super performer, with excellent production and very early maturity. Because I’m not certain if it can be eaten fresh, I’m listing it for now as a dry bean.  2022 seed.  Gratefully received from the wonderful collection of Artur Kobylecki, Kielce, Poland.



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