Monachine Pole Bean Seeds


A fairly famous heritage bean from America, grown for over half a century in Seattle by Angelo Pelligrini the renowned English professor and author of American culinary literature. Pronounced ‘mona-KEEN-ay’, the name translates to mean ‘Little Nuns’. A yellow wax bean, fantastic production of pods. The bean seeds are very pretty, round seeds with dark beige and cream speckling, a bit bovinish. In my soil, the seeds lost some of the white speckles. The seeds did not form as perfectly smooth as I would have liked, so it was an off year in that sense, but they matured all their pods and gave a lot of seed. A true family heirloom, passed down for generations. Lots of online presence regarding this bean.¬† 2022 seeds.¬†¬†Gratefully received from the wonderful collection of Russ Crow, Woodstock, Illinois.



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