Holy Pole Bean Seeds


A most legendary European bean with one of the most wonderful heirloom histories I’ve ever read. During the First World War a French Christian pastor hid his precious Holy Church treasures buried underground, fearing they would be stolen. To even further protect the Holy treasures hidden in the soil, he planted beans on top of the area. When the beans matured and dried down, he shelled them and found to his amazement that the once pure white beans now had an image of an Angel in Praise over the eye. This variety also goes by the name ‘Sacred Bean’ or ‘Monstrance’ as some felt this was also displayed in further grow outs of the beans, a monstrance being the vessel in which the consecrated eucharistic host is carried in processions. Large smooth beans, very beautiful. This bean variety is not as generous with its seed as I’d like, but even if I got a mere handful from a single plant I’d still grow it! A dry bean that is said to taste much like mashed chestnut and always ranks high in taste tests. Was adopted onto the Ark of Slow Food. Fantastic.¬†¬†Gratefully received from the wonderful collection of Artur Kobylecki, Kielce, Poland.



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