Frank Barnett Cutshort Pole Bean Seeds


An American heirloom from Georgetown, Kentucky. A Mr. Frank Barnett appears to be the source of this bean, having grown a bean called ‘River’ from a Mr. Ed Meece of Somerset, Kentucky. This cutshort bean appeared as an outcross from River. Apparently, it grows very well in the PNW. Most cutshorts need to be de-strung, and I imagine these are no different. What is unique is their earliness – for a Southern Cutshort these are amazingly early. I think they can be, and often are, eaten ‘full’ which means bulging pods. This is typically the point at which standard green beans are no longer edible, but apparently cutshorts can be different. They can also be picked in this state, green but with some developed seed, and hung to dry to be reconstituted later in stews through winter. This very old bean tradition is called ‘leather britches’ and seems to have originated in Europe, and has been preserved in the American Deep South to this day. Given how productive this variety was I look forward to finally trying these fresh, and maybe even the britches if I can figure out how to dry them successfully.¬† 2022 seed.¬†¬†Gratefully received from the wonderful collection of Russ Crow, Woodstock, Illinois.



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