Forelle Fleiderfarben Pole Bean Seeds


A very beautiful European heirloom from Germany, dates to 1885. I believe the name translates to something like ‘Lilac Trout’. This is another one of those gorgeous European dry beans, a speckled stone coloration with dark swirls on very round seeds. My beans have always been of two shades, one a more greyish speckled stone and another more purple speckled stone, both with the same swirls. I believe this is part of the genetics of this variety as either colour planted always gives rise to both. Production is actually very good for a beauty such as this. I collected a phenomenal amount of seed in 2022 – this is another bean where transplants really help to ensure all the pods dry down. As far as I know this bean is for dry use, but I haven’t tried it as a snap so I can’t say definitively. Many of the beans I try come with very little information, and need to be tried in their green snap stage, but it isn’t easy to eat green beans for a hundred different varieties in a season! 2022 seed.¬†¬†Gratefully received from the wonderful collection of Mandy Boticna, Tyndall, Manitoba.



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