Handsome Johnny Runner Bean Seeds


Polish heirloom runner bean. A variety grown for its extraordinarily huge white bean seeds, that are used in myriad ways in Poland – bean sausages, soup, dumplings, vodka. It is cultivated in 11 areas within the Dunajec River Valley. A wonderful variety; 8 plants produced over 6 pounds of seed in 2021. The heaviest bean in my collection! Also goes by the name ‘Piekny Jas’, among several others. This particular strain of Handsome Johnny (there are several) was sent to me from the Holy Cross Mountains (‘Gory Swietokrzyskie’ in Polish) in central Poland near the city of Kielce. These are some the oldest mountain ranges in Europe and are named for a Holy relic in the nearby Benedictine Monastery.  2021 seed.  Gratefully received from the wonderful collection of Artur Kobylecki, Kielce Poland.



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